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ATL SPECIAL FX® CO2 Tank Adapter Manifold Kit

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CO2 Tank Adapter Manifold Kit CGA320 For Liquid Siphon CO2 and Food Grade CO2 Cylinders. Rent or Purchase Carbon Dioxde Kits for CO2 Cryogenic Jets, Cryo Cannons. This is the last Cryo manifold kit you will ever need.  Atlanta Special FX has manufactured an aluminum block manifold for linking multiple CO2 cylinders together.  This block allows for 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, 5 way, and can even be adapted for an infinite number of tanks.  Simply configure the fittings and you can have a 10 way adapter or sequence to of these manifolds together and go infinite.  The polished aluminum is high grade and precision machined for perfect seals.  No need...

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The Hottest Trend in Party and Special Effects Equipment are Manufactured right here in the USA

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The Hottest Trend in Party and Special Effects Equipment are Manufactured right here in the USA Did you know that the hottest trending Party and Nightclub Special Effects Equipment is built and manufactured right here in the United States of America.  Atlanta Special FX® CO2 atmospheric stage special effects and the line of party special effects equipment are industrial grade and are used by the professional party entertainers at the world’s biggest music festivals and by the biggest music artists and DJs performing right now.  We bring you the same professional grade party and special effect stage equipment at the...

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