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Magic Snow - Ground Cover Mixing Instructions

Atlanta Special FX

Magic Snow- Ground Cover Mixing Instructions

Tools needed:

Water Hose
Watering Wand
White Tarp

Warning: Magic Snow Is Slippery To Walk On

1. Determine location.  Best to be on grass.  Spread the white tarp on the ground.

2. Place rake and hose with watering wand on tarp.  (Best practice to keep snow clean is to remain on tarp until installation is complete)

3. Start in farthest corner from water hose house connection and work your way toward the water connection.

4. Begin by pouring powder on the tarp in piles or rows (we find rows are easier to use).  Then slowly add water until desired wetness is achieved.  The powder will immediately begin to absorb the water and turn in to what looks like snow. 

5. Using the rake (flip rake upside down) as you go, mix wet and dry snow together. 

6. Repeat this process until you have used all your Magic Snow powder or the desired area has been covered.

7. A 10 x 20 area should take approximately 1-2 hours to install

8. Magic Snow is safe for the environment.  To clean up simply roll up the tarp and discard in dumpster.  For any remaining Magic Snow in your grass simply rake out thin and it will break down on its own over the course of a few days.

Please remind the children NOT to EAT the snow. To be very careful it is very SLIPPERY and YES their clothes are going to get wet; but they are going to have a BLAST! 

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