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Customer FAQ Answer: Why Do I Not See The Plume Of White Fog From My CO2 Handheld Cryo Gun?

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Why No Plume Of Fog? This question just came in from a client in Europe and we thought we would share the answer to educate other CO2 gun users. CO2 jets and handheld CO2 fog guns are virtually fail proof if you purchase from a reputable company. If you have installed your CO2 fog system and upon firing it for the first time all you heard was a loud noise and felt a rush of cold air, a couple of things could have happened. Below are the things to check:
  1. Make Sure The Gas Company Supplied You With A Syphon (Siphon) Tube CO2 Tank
    • Often the CO2 company will confuse the tank to supply you because they are used to supplying nightclubs with regular CO2 gas for soda guns.
    • Your tank should be properly marked with either etching on the side that says (Syphon Tube) or if you use the top of the tank will be painted red to signify it is a Syphon tube tank.
  2. Make Sure Your CO2 Tank Is Not Empty
    • In the gas supply industry they have a margin for error that allows CO2 tanks to be a few pounds heavy, or light. (Of course for CO2 jet and CO2 handheld blasters, we definitely need it be heavy and not light)
    • One option is to request each tank be weighed before delivery to ensure proper tank weight
    • You might ask how do I know if the tank is empty? You might notice the tank started out firing a huge dense plume of fog but after a short period of time it only made a loud noise. This is an idicator that the tank is empty of liquid, but still contains CO2 gas under high pressure. (It is time to change your tank to a new one)
In closing if you still have questions about your CO2 cryo jet system and would like to speak with a technician directly, please call 404-644-2801 and speak with Atlanta Special FX. The CO2 Jet Systems manufactured by Atlanta Special FX are found to be one of the most affordable and dependable cryo systems in the world and their staff is very knowledgeable about all types of systems.

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    Thanks ATL! Ya’ll answered my question and I am no longer worried! Good looking out!!

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