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Atlanta Special FX and Lil Jon Debut Manufacture First Dual Nozzle CO2 Handheld Cryo Gun with Lasers

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Atlanta Georgia, July 2012: Over the past several months the amazing special effects manufactured by Atlanta Special FX have traveled the globe. One new product that has all the Dj's and nightclubs talking is the innovative Dual Nozzle Handheld CO2 Cryo Gun. This compact design incorporates two barrels, instead of one, for multiple streams of cryo fog. The barrels can be adjusted up, down, right and left up to 120 degrees from each other. This allows for dual streams of the super cold CO2 fog and more coverage. Oh and we almost forgot to mention this CO2 gun has dual mounted high intensity green lasers. This added light show gives you two green beams of light in a haze filled room providing an almost Predator like effect. The The first person to own and showcase this clever product was Atlanta's own Lil Jon. Robert Mitchell, the road manager and right hand man for Lil Jon said "When Jon pulls out the cryo gun and blasts it during the peak of a song the crowd goes crazy!"
For more information on how you can purchase a dual nozzle cryo gun contact Atlanta Special FX.
"If you can dream it they will build it"
Atlanta Special FX

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