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Where Do I Rent or Purchase CO2 Tanks From? Customer FAQ

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"Where do I rent or purchase CO2 tanks from?" This question comes up in almost every conversation when purchasing CO2 Cryo Jets and Handheld CO2 Cryo Blasters. Atlanta Special FX is a CO2 cryo jet and handheld cryo fog gun manufacturer, as well as a full service production rental company and they have suggested companies like Airgas, PraxAir, and NexAir. Owner Michael Willett says "We like to use Airgas because they are one of the largest gas companies in the United States and they have locations in every major city, and almost all suburbs. If the city is large enough to host a concert then they most likely have an Airgas location. Airgas is always courteous to our customers and we know the value of quality customer service." As a leader in specialty gases across the US "Airgas is the United States' largest distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and related equipment, safety supplies and MRO products and services to industrial and commercial markets"(quote taken from their website . So if you are a production company or a club and have recently purchased a CO2 cryo jet system, or a handheld CO2 cryo gun from Atlanta Special FX, then contact one of the above mentioned companies to set up your rental account and start blasting super cold CO2 fog today.

For More Information On Types Of CO2 Tanks Available To Rent click this link

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