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New Product Release: Ideal Confetti Cannon Continuous Flow CO2

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Ideal Confetti Cannon Continuous Flow
Over the past year Atlanta Special FX has pushed to invent and bring to market more new products than any other atmospheric effects company in the United States.  This is a company that keeps its ear to the ground and listens to its customers.  If a customer thinks there may a more simple way, or a more economical way, Atlanta Special FX commits to solving the issue.  One new and improved product released today by ATL FX is the "Ideal Confetti Cannon"  This all-in-one unit has the power of a gerb style confetti cannon with a much more simple set up.  When you receive this continuous flow confetti cannon, you simply pull it out of the box and hook to a CO2 tank.  No complicated assembly required and it ships in your average FedEx box.  This Co2 confetti cannon can be used in a smaller venue, such as a nightclub, or used as part of the trophy ceremony at the Chick Fil A bowl.  You decide if you want to blast confetti 30-40 feet or shoot it 70+ feet.  The new and improved trap holds more confetti for you initial launch, and it is capable of launching l pound of confetti per second like the larger gerb blasters.  Owner Michael Willett told us "This is just the tip of the iceberg in what are bringing to the market.  In the next year you will see improvements and new inventions for snow, fog, co2 cryo, and other aerial special effects"  This is definitely a company to keep your eye on whether you are a consumer, distributor, or competitor.  As of today Atlanta Special FX has a network of distributors and consumers in 44 countries and growing.  When asked about the future Willett told us "We are working daily to build relationships with other countries and our FedEx connection allows us to compete with a low international shipping rate.  We are just a blessed company."  For more information on the "Ideal Confetti Cannon" visit the website at or call their sales team direct at 1-888-664-0097.  They promise more exciting effects this summer.  Stay tuned.


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