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CO2 Cryo Jet Fog Systems Rock Phillips Arena For WNBA Atlanta Dream Team

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Dual Nozzle CO2 Cryo Jet by Atlanta Special FX

CO2 Cryo Jets Rock Phillips Arena For WNBA Atlanta Dream.

On Saturday May 25th at Phillips Arena in Atlanta Georgia fans witnessed Atlanta Special FX and East Coast Pyrotechnics blasting some cool special effects as the Atlanta Dream took the court for their WNBA season opener.  The special effects team used a combination of the dual nozzle co2 cryo fog cannons (Seen Left) manufactured by Atlanta Special FX and air burst to announce the Dream players.  Just before the national anthem, the special effects team rolled into place two 12 foot co2 cryo towers that served as the pillars for the women to run through.  As each player ran through the gateway, 1-3 pyrotechnic air burst would fire and co2 cryo fog would be blasted from tops of the towers.  If you notice in the video the dual nozzle cryo jet fog blasts make a perfect W signifying the Women's National Basketball Association.  This was the first time the Atlanta Dream had utilized the co2 cryo jet systems and management thanked us after the effect and said it was exactly what they wanted! For more information on how you can rent or purchase professional grade co2 cryo jet machines, contact Atlanta Special FX at 888-664-0097 or visit them on the web at
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