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CO2 Cryo Jets - Double Nozzle Cryo Jets ON SALE NOW - BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF

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CO2 Cryo Jet Double Barrel

CO2 Cryo Jets On Sale Now - Buy One Get One 50% Off.  It is that time of year again for our annual CO2 Cryo Jet sale.  Atlanta Special FX loves to pass savings on to our most loyal customers and each year we do an unheard of sale for a very limited time on our CO2 cryo fog systems.  The double barrel CO2 jet is an unmatched cold fog system and is manufactured right here in the USA.  Designed and fabricated from years of field experience, this unit possesses all the necessary attributes of a dependable and accountable cold fog delivery system.  The cryo jet is manufactured using the highest grade components possible and protected by a rugged, but lightweight powder coated steel casing.  The unique tube design produces eye popping visual effects while covering large spaces with a super cold fog cloud.  The advanced tube design allows for the unit to be small and concealable for easy installation.  It contains multiple mounting options, including a simple to use bolt access for C clamps, S clamps or other mounting systems.  The two barrels can adjusted to blast at angles from 0 to 180 degrees and can be mounted upright, side, upside down and on back.  This unit is truly the Cadillac in the industry.  The fog jet can be controlled by DMX 512, wirelessly, or manually using a variety of industry control systems.  Coming soon the Atlanta Special FX, Fire Control System, will make for simple push button firing from any stage.  For more information on how to save money purchasing this system, please contact Atlanta Special FX by calling 1-888-664-0097 x 1

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