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CO2 Jets Featured in American Ninja Warrior Junior Videos

CO2 Jets CO2 Smoke Special Effects Equipment Theatrical Supplies

Recently, CO2 Jets from Atlanta Special FX were used to shoot promotional videos for the inaugural season of “American Ninja Warrior Junior.” Physical events that require exceptional skill and agility are fun to watch. CO2 special effects equipment add to the fun! From Olympic events to little league baseball, competitive sports provide an opportunity for kids to showcase their abilities.


CO2 Cryo Jet Cannon American Ninja Warrior

About “American Ninja Warrior” Contest

For the past 10 seasons, “American Ninja Warrior” has thrilled live audiences and television viewers. In a quest to reach the top of Mount Midoriyama, contestants meet in several cities to take on progressively challenging obstacles. Competitors who successfully complete the initial qualifying and the city finals events will have a chance to climb Mount Midoriyama for a one-million dollar grand prize.

The minimum age requirement to become a contestant on the show is 19 years old. In response to numerous requests to see competitive obstacles for kids, “American Ninja Warrior Junior” was formed. Approximately 200 contestants from three age brackets, 9 & 10, 11 & 12 and 13 & 14 must successfully complete various obstacles to win the competition.

CO2 Special Effects American Ninja Warrior Junior

NBC’s Universal Kids Network aired the first show of “American Ninja Warrior Junior” on October 13, 2018.

CO2 Jets Seen on “American Ninja Warrior Junior”

Companies like Universal Studios use high-quality CO2 Jets like the ones manufactured in the United States by Atlanta Special FX. To create large clouds of smoke for their promo commercials, CO2 Jets were installed at six different location throughout the United States. When completing the course, a competitor will smash a big red button. Thereafter, a 20-foot tower of CO2 Smoke is blasted into the air.  

Using CO2 Jets in Racing and Competitive Events

CO2 Jet American Ninja Warrior Finish Line Atlanta Special FX

To signify that a competitor has completed a task or a race, plumes of smoke from CO2 Jets are used to highlight the accomplishment and to elevate the level of excitement for viewers. Whether used in NASCAR racing, 5K races or marathons, competitors anticipate large burst of CO2 Smoke to commence racing action, to celebrate certain milestones and to inform everyone that a winner has crossed the finish line.

Renting CO2 Jets and Special Effects Equipment

Setting the stage for unsuspected illusions, pyrotechnics or theatrical elements could lead to a performance that viewers will never forget. Ensuring that reliable Special Effects Equipment and professional support are on hand eliminates the embarrassment that often results from subpar products.

Renting CO2 Jets is an ideal option for limited usage or for special events. However, we can ship Special Effects Equipment throughout the United States to entertainers, movie directors, DJs, non-profit organizations, athletic directors and to other entities that want to make a bold impression at live events. 

Contact Atlanta Special FX today to order dependable CO2 Equipment and CO2 Supplies.

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