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Fog Machines Used in Military Training and Fire Safety Academies

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Special effects equipment provides excitement for sporting events, nightclubs and for live performances. Although, a variety of devices may be used beyond entertainment purposes. Atlanta Special FX manufactures Fog Machines that are used for specialized types of training.

Fog Machine Used For Fire Training Smoke Simulation

Using Fog Machines in Fire Training Academies

Instead of sending firefighters into a burning building during training exercises, it is much safer to simulate a live environment. A fog machine may be used to create dense levels of smoke that a trainee could encounter while in the field.

Smoke Simulation Fire Training Using Special EffectsThere are many benefits to buying or renting a Fog Machine for fire safety training. For instance, a firefighter can avoid hazardous burns from an actual flame. Also, setting up and cleaning up a training area will be much easier, as burnt debris will not exist. 

Special Effects Equipment may be used to create a similar amount of light, heat and smoke that a firefighter might need to extinguish in a residential setting.

Without having to burn down multiple structures throughout the year, a fire academyFog Machine Smoke And Fire Training Special Effects can save a lot money. Fewer injuries and fatalities may result with high-quality Fog Machines that are designed for specialized training. 


Incorporating Fog Machines Into Military Training Exercises

Military Fog Smoke Simulation Traing Using Special Effects

Ensuring that high-quality resources are available to the military is extremely important. Life-like settings are essential to arming members of the military with simulated environments that may be encountered on the battlefield.

Fog Smoke Training Simulation Military TrainingFog Machines may be coupled with Custom Scent Machines to create the smell of burning flesh, burning rubber and other pungent odors that a soldier might be exposed to in a combat setting.

Additionally, Fog Machines may be combined with Special Effects Equipment to create booming sounds, various levels of smoke and lighting that resembles an explosion or a machine gun blast.

Fog Machines Are Beneficial in Commercial Construction

Smoke Fog Leak Detection Using Fog Machine Special Effects

Contractors use Fog Machines to determine airflow for hanging structures. Prior to applying a significant amount of water pressure on a new system, plumbers and sprinkler fitters use Fog Machines and Smoke Machines to locate potential leaks.

Fog Machine Rental Used For Leak Detection

Where smoke escapes from a closed system, a plumber will correct any deficiencies before applying water that could lead to flooding or unsafe conditions.

We supply Fog Machines to the military and to fire academies. Special effects experts are available to answer any questions or concerns about buying or renting Fog Machines for specialized training.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today for more details.

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