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Renting Fog Machines for Haunted Attractions Creating Spooky Atmosphere

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Renting fog machines for haunted attractions can be a great way to create spooky atmospheres. Frightening backgrounds and chilling theatrical elements provide a horrific environment. Whether staging an indoor or an outdoor scene, darkness and low levels of visibility are ideal. Atlanta Special Effects is renting Fog Machines for special events, movie sets, music videos and for Halloween.

Rent Fog Machine Ground Fog or Low Fog For Special Effects

About Fog Machines for Special Effects

Fog Machines are perfect for creating mysterious atmospheric illusions. Although, there are a variety of models on the market to select, Atlanta Special Effects offers the most popular production models for creating just the right atmosphere.

Renting Fog Macines For Party Events From Atlanta Special FX

To maximize the effects in haunted attractions, it is wise to use the best Fog Machine for specific scenes. We are renting Fog Machines for late night effects, ground fog, undetectable fog and our CO2 Cryogenic Fog Machine.

Basic Fog Machines

For creating eerie late night effects that are similar to a boggy field, simulating smoke from a fire or smoke from a burning building, a basic Fog Machine is ideal for the task.

Renting Low Fog Machines or Ground Fog Machines Online

Rent Hazer To Enhance Lighting And Create Atmosphere

Dry ice or liquid CO2 may be added to a cooling chamber to chill the fog fluid, which causes the fog to remain low to to the ground. Renting Low Fog Machines or Ground Fog Machines is ideal for creating clouds or for disguising characters laying on the ground within haunted houses.

Renting a Hazer for Invisible Fog

For special effects where fog is virtually undetectable with the naked eye, a Hazer is used to create fog that is largely invisible. However, any light source that hits the beam of fog will accentuate the element. Renting a Hazer often makes sense for a production that requires a unique scene or for seasonal events.


CO2 Cryogenic Fog

Very loud noises and a thick curtain of fog from our CO2 Jets can startle patrons who also experience cold pockets of fog that is often associated with paranormal activity.

Using CO2 Cryo Fog Startles Haunted PatronsOur handheld units are also available for characters to produce CO2 Cryogenic Fog within haunted attractions.

Floating Clouds for Haunted Houses

Imagine the effect of cloud-shaped ghosts, crossbones, goblins, ghouls , werewolves and other shapes that will build suspense as patrons are waiting in line to enter a haunted house.


Werewolf Bubloon Floating Cloud For Haunted Attractions

Ghost Bubloon Cloud For Cloudvertising Halloween Events

The addition of Floating Clouds to a haunted attraction could lure viewers from miles away to become patrons, too.  

We offer a reliable line of Fog Machines and CO2 Special Effects Equipment.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today for more information about renting Fog Machines for Halloween, stage productions or for other events.

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