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CO2 Jets Made in the United States Versus Imported Special Effects Equipment

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CO2 Jet Cryo Cannon Made In The USA

Foreign made components and devices are generally cheaper to make versus similar items that are manufactured in the United States. Consumers who are often shopping for the lowest priced items online may be disappointed with the quality of electronic items that are made abroad. Atlanta Special FX maintains the largest supply of CO2 Jets and CO2 Special Effects Equipment that are manufactured in the USA.

Buy a High-Quality CO2 Jet

Reliable CO2 Jets Made In The USA by Atlanta Special FXReliable CO2 Equipment is needed for heavy-duty usage. When deciding to buy a CO2 Jet, singers, DJs, comedians, club owners and professional sports teams should obtain high-quality products.

When it is time to perform, an equipment malfunction could be devastating. Getting a replacement model or a fast repair for an imported CO2 Jet might be difficult to achieve.

For limited use, it is wise to rent a CO2 Jet from a local manufacturer. However, if the goal is to use a CO2 Jet for several months or more, an entertainer or a production manager should review some of the reasons below for investing in high-quality Special Effects Equipment.

Cheap CO2 Jets Made With Quick Connect Adapters

Avoid Quick Connect Fittings On Imported CO2 JetsAvoid buying CO2 Jets that are made with quick connect adapters. Cheaply constructed adapters can freeze and cause an unstable condition that immediately releases high-pressure from a connected CO2 Tank. This could cause the operator to lose control of the CO2 Hose and expose folks who are in close proximity to a variety of risks.  While quick connect adapters take less time to set up, the overall risks are greatly reduced with high-performance parts.

We manufacture all of our CO2 Jets with a threaded adapter that easily connects to a CO2 Tank with a crescent wrench or a set of channel locks.

Foreign Made CO2 Jets Contain Internal DMX Modules Setting Up For Failure

Avoid Buying Imported CO2 Jet With Quick Connect and DMX 512

(Photo Left - Imported CO2 Jet)

American CO2 Jets rarely feature built-in DMX controls. During normal operation, CO2 Jets produce a lot of frost. When melting occurs, water from the frosted areas could reach the PCB board or the DMX controller, which typically causes users of imported CO2 Jets to experience a short circuit and nonworking equipment.

All of our CO2 Jets are made with an external DMX module. This unique design can enable a tour group to continue its performance if a problem arises, as the operator can quickly swap out a damaged DMX module.  

Imported CO2 Jets Are Not Rated for Cold Temperatures

Frozen CO2 Cryo Jet NozzleWith operational temperatures that can exceed 70 degrees below zero, Imported CO2 Jets are unable to handle the combination of extremely cold parts that connect to high-pressure CO2 Tanks.

Subpar equipment that malfunctions after limited use becomes problematic for the buyer. In most instances, imported CO2 Jets must be returned to the country where the manufacturer is located for repairs. Even when repairs are made, the device is unlikely to last for a reasonable time frame.



CO2 Cryo Jet Cannon Machine With 5 Year WarrantyAtlanta Special FX provides a five-year warranty on all of the CO2 Jets that we manufacture. Whether our customer is a local band or a multi-platinum recording artist, we provide the highest quality Special Effects Equipment for ownership or for rental use. As a long-term innovator of durable CO2 Equipment, we are introducing a patent pending CO2 device that will revolutionize the marketplace.

Contact us today to obtain affordable CO2 Products that are made in the USA.

Atlanta Special FX CO2 Cryo Special Effects Manufacturing

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