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Creative Fan Zone Marketing Ideas Using Special Effects

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Exciting activities provide compelling reasons for fans to support local, regional and professional football teams. Whether the home team wins or loses the football game, attendees can still have a great time at the stadium. Atlanta Special FX works with coaches, athletic directors and marketing professionals to create fan zone ideas that generate additional revenue for the team.

Fan Zone Ideas For Football Games With Atlanta Special FX








Why Use Fan Zone Areas to Interact With Stadium Patrons?

Due to travel time, lengthy entrance lines, concession purchases and other logistics that a fan tries to plan for may result in an early arrival at the stadium. Rather than hoping that fans will patiently wait in their seats until the commencement of the game, a variety of activities may be used to build engagement with the attendees and to generate some extra money for the facility.

What Are the Best Fan Zone Ideas to Use at Football Stadiums?

Fan Zone Special Effects Rentals by Atlanta Special FXA mixture of activities are recommended to appeal to fans of all ages. However, special effects are great for building energy before the start of the game. We are frequently hired to consult with marketing professionals for high schools, colleges and for professional sports teams.

Typically, we suggest the use of eye-catching elements and captivating sounds that are irresistible for fans to ignore, such as our High-Pressure CO2 Jets, CO2 Powered Water Cannons, CO2 Powered Streamer Cannons and Bubloon Clouds.  

Therefore, an apparel vendor, raffle booth owner, an automotive manufacturer and other fan zone merchants can easily attract attention with our CO2 Special Effects Equipment.

How Can CO2 Jets Increase Fan Zone Traffic?

Our High-Pressure CO2 Jets make a loud noise and shoot fog for distances that exceed 20 feet into the air. Fan zone patrons often venture toward vendors nearby to determine what is happening.    

Are CO2 Powered Water Cannons Popular?

CO2 Water Cannon Rental For Football Stadium by Atlanta Special FXYes! This is a very popular fan zone attraction. Patrons can aim at a target that we set up to blast water from our CO2 Powered Water Cannons onto an unlucky exhibitor.  Much like a dunk tank but more fun and exciting.  Now you can hit the target and blast water all over a mascot.

Can Vendors Use CO2 Powered Streamer Cannons for Marketing Ideas?  

CO2 Streamer Cannon Stadium Launcher For Football Fan ZoneAbsolutely! Our branded Streamers may be customized to coordinate with a vendor’s logo, brand or to match the colors for a specific football team. Additionally, our CO2 Powered Streamer Cannons may be set to launch in multiple directions.  

Is Aerial Marketing a Good Idea for Fan Zone Promotions?

Fan Zone Idea University of Texas Cloudvertise Logo BrandingAerial Marketing is a fantastic idea for generating foot traffic at football games and at other crowded events. We use Bubloon Clouds via Cloudvertise to create high-flying corporate logos, mascot shapes, floating clouds and unique images to enhance brand awareness for schools, corporations, casinos, sports teams, and for entertainers. Many fans who are intrigued by our floating clouds will visit fan zone merchants that are in close proximity to our launch area. 

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Jeep Fake Snow Promo by Atlanta Special FXFan zone activities are a win-win for athletic organizations and for patrons. Atlanta Special FX offers nationwide fan zone support. Our CO2 Special Effects Equipment resembles the amount of attention that a fireworks display would generate, without the need for lighted pyrotechnics items. On a recent promotional project for Jeep, we used our Evaporating Snow Machine to create a scene that mimicked real snow blowing above the vehicle for hours.

Call us today at (888) 664-0097 to speak with one of our football marketing experts.

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