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Fog Tunnel for Football Games

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CO2 Fog Cannon For Football Team Tunnel Entrance

Pregame excitement prepares fans for a fun-filled event. Whether used for high school football games, college football games or for professional football games, special effects can immediately draw attention to the football tunnel or toward the center of the field. Atlanta Special FX generates very dense plumes of fog tunnel smoke for football games.

Fog Tunnel CO2 Smoke

A lot of activities are conducted to engage the crowd at local football games, such as routines from high-flying cheerleaders, performances from the band and interactions with the school’s mascot.

Football Team Tunnel Smoke Fog For Stadium

Although, thunderous sounds from CO2 Special Effects Equipment and the creation of Fog Tunnel CO2 Smoke sets the stage for the commencement of the game or for a major announcement.

Stunning visuals from CO2 Smoke that swirls within the Fog Tunnel is affordable for high school football teams, NCAA teams and for NFL teams.

Why Use CO2 Smoke at Football Games?

CO2 Smoke is safer for Fog Tunnel special effects than using a variety of pyrotechnic devices to create a similar illusion. In fact, many fire extinguishers contain CO2.

We receive many accolades for our theatrical effects that do not require lighted torches or other flammable components to operate.

A moderate level of contact with CO2 Smoke is harmless for players and the fans, as CO2 is present in the air that we breathe and within carbonated beverages that we drink.

Users of our CO2 Equipment can control the disbursement of Fog Tunnel Smoke via large blasts or intermittent bursts.  

Players and fans simply adore the addition of special effects. Whether used for heightened theatrics at a professional wrestling event, at a NASCAR race or at a national football championship, CO2 Smoke amplifies the energy level.

Best CO2 Guns for Tunnel Smoke

With so many CO2 Guns for sale or rent, it might be difficult to select the best CO2 Hand Guns or CO2 Cannons for the optimal level of Tunnel Smoke.

We manufacture and sell the largest inventory of CO2 Equipment and CO2 Supplies. Additionally, via, we transport our own CO2 Gas to football fields that are located within the United States, Mexico and Canada.  

Michael Willett CO2 Team Tunnel Smoke Washington FootballOur Dual Handheld CO2 Cannon is a crowd favorite for football tunnel smoke. Contact a representative from Atlanta Special FX at (888) 664-0097 to order special effects equipment that is backed by our three-year warranty.



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