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Cold Spark Fountains Are a Safe Alternative to Fireworks

Cold Spark Fountain Fireworks Alternative Safe Pyrotechnic Supplies Unique Special Effects Items

Pyrotechnic displays provide a vivid burst of colors and patterns that fans love to watch. However, heat and live flames can create a dangerous setting at a casual event. Atlanta Special FX offers a safer way to beautifully illuminate a room via a Cold Spark Fountain.

 Rent Cold Sparkler Fountains Showven Atlanta Special FX

About Cold Spark Fountains for Special Effects  

Incendiary sparklers are used at outdoor events to dazzle viewers. However, flammable pyrotechnic items are not recommended for indoor use.

Cold Spark Fountains are safe for indoor and outdoor activities. As a unique special effects item, this product is non-flammable, free of foul odors and emits a minimal amount of smoke. Heat levels from the fountain are incredibly low, and the sparks are not warm enough to burn a piece of paper.

The fountain is very easy to set up and to operate. Granules that are added to the base of the unit are used to create the sparkler effect. Controls may be set to adjust the height and the density of the fountain, as well. Users may daisy chain several fountains to work in sequential bursts or to shoot at various 90-second intervals.   

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Cold Spark Fountains may be mounted on the ground to project a tower of sparks up to 12 feet into the air or mounted upside down on the truss of a ceiling to create a cascading waterfall of sparks.

Ownership and operation of the Cold Spark Fountain does not require a pyrotechnics license, certifications, permits or insurance.


Ideal Settings for a Cold Spark Fountain

Ideal for weddings, concerts, parties and extraordinary events, Cold Spark Fountains may be used to create stunning visuals at virtually any type of venue. Whether used at the beach, luxury hotels, sports arenas, churches, casinos or in a large nightclub, Cold Spark Fountains will safely light up the area without any flames.

Buy or Rent a Cold Spark Fountain Online   

When a safe alternative is needed for fireworks or for a pyrotechnics display, a Cold Spark Fountain may be ordered online. As a licensed distributor for sparkling fountains, Atlanta Special Effects can quickly fulfill orders that require shipping to destinations within the United States. We sell and rent Cold Spark Fountains online. Additionally, our technicians can travel to set up and to operate the fountains at premier event.

Contact us today at (888) 664-0097 for more information about Special Effects Equipment, CO2 Gas, CO2 Supplies and Cold Spark Fountain rentals.


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