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Special Effects Team Creates Realistic Snow Scenes for Jack Daniels

Filming Snow Scenes Realistic Snow Snow Fluid Snow Machine Snow Scenes Special Effects Team

Create Fake Snow For Jack DanielsCreating fake snow for an iconic brand is a big deal. Especially when several days are dedicated for filming a variety of snow scenes. Jack Daniels hired Atlanta Special FX to provide realistic special special effects that were suitable for filming.

Preparing to Shoot Snow Scenes

Members of our creative team traveled to Lynchburg, Tennessee to create high-quality snow scenes for Jack Daniels. To form the ideal strategy, we interacted with the director of marketing for Jack Daniels, as well as groups of professional photographers and social media team members who were based in Boston, New York and Virginia.

Beginning at 3:45 AM, we worked with several actors to hang Christmas lights on Old Number 7 barrels that are used in the aging process to develop Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.   

A Snow Ground Cover was used to showcase a realistic setting of accumulation from artificial snow flurries. We performed live tests with our proprietary Snow Fluid and our Snow Machines..

Once the set up was completed, live shots of the snow scene were taken.

Most snow making companies use foaming fluids that appear unrealistic on camera. However, we pay attention to the smallest details to ensure that snow is efficiently sprinkled to resemble the work of Mother Nature.

Our Snow Ground Cover is very smooth and it’s as beautiful as the process for removing it. Users are often surprised to see how easy it is to clean.      

Special Effects Snow Scene for Jack Daniels

While two ordinary guys were watching ricks of fire burn, we used our Snow Machines and Snow Fluid to accent a wholesome scene with with Fake Snow.

The wood-burning process is performed to make coal. The coal is sprayed with water, and it is used to filter Jack Daniel’s Whiskey after the distilling phase has been completed.

Snow Scene Featuring the Jack Daniel’s Barrel Truck

At the town Square in Lynchburg, Tennessee, we created an amazing snow scene that included a fun-filled snowball fight near the iconic Jack Daniel’s Barrel Truck. Within the scene, employees were filmed while hanging wreaths near a mural.  

Our Special Effects Team used Flocking to cover the shoulders and hats for actors who were on the set. This process created a more realistic scene, as the actors appeared to have been outdoors for quite some time.   

We hung out with the mayor, and added Flocking to accent the entryway to the courthouse, so that she could take her Christmas card photos.

Wrapping up the Snow Scenes for Jack Daniels

We shot scenes that depicted local folks providing Jack Daniels as a holiday gift. Ground cover was created to accept footprints from by-passers. With our snow falling from the sky, the scenery resembled a realistic winter setting.

Several additional scenes were created near the entryway of the Jack Daniel’s compound at the Barrel Tree. To celebrate, employees of Jack Daniels were toasting to the tree as snow was falling from the sky.

While anyone could purchase a Snow Machine and some Snow Fluid, it takes a team of passionate professionals to deliver a flawless production for a major brand.

Atlanta Special FX is second to none for the creation of realistic snow scenes.

Contact us today for more details about high-quality special effects.

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