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Rent a Snow Machine to Create Winter Special Effects

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Winter scenery provides some relief from the dog days of summer. However, if fake snow is needed for a play or for a theme park, Special Effects Equipment may be used to create a beautiful setting. Atlanta Special FX offers snow props, accessories and snow machine rentals for a variety of industries.

Fake Snow For Jeep Commercial

Creating Artificial Snow

Our in-house fluid manufacturing division has created a solution that is among the most popular products for creating artificial snow. Major theme parks throughout the United States are using our formulation to create artificial snow.

We engineered the QES 100 to evaporate quicker for indoor use. Although, a second product, the ES 100 is specifically engineered for outdoor use, as it takes longer to evaporate.

Environmentally Safe Fake Snow   

While some companies may use harmful chemicals to create certain special effects, we sell snow fluid that is safe for the environment. Our formula for artificial snow is eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. This is a major benefit, as there are no foul odors or residue after using the product.

Snowflake Sizes

Special Effects Equipment may be used to adjust the size of snowflakes. Beautiful white snowflakes may be as small as a flurry and up to the size of a thumbnail to simulate blizzard-like conditions.

Our Snowflake machines produce artificial snowflakes that quickly evaporate when contact is made with any surface.

Selecting a Snow Machine

We offer a complete line of artificial snow machines to handle any type of task. Whether needed for indoors or outdoors use, our snow machines are safe for the following uses:

  • Birthday parties
  • Day cares
  • Television commercials
  • Movie production
  • Corporate events
  • Theme parks
  • Festivals
  • Carnivals
  • Shopping malls
  • Wineries
  • Holiday events

Snow Making Accessories

To help showcase a professional appearance, we offer a variety of snow making supplies to accent any background or setting.

Snow props, snow blankets and other items may be combined to create the desired scenery.

Snow Batting is ideal for static snow scenes. It is available in 100 ft by 4 ft dimensions.   

Snow Flocking is a plant-based cellulose material that is sprayed through a water and air applicator. The product sticks to any surface to create the most realistic snow background and ground cover available.

Magic Snow is a polymer that mixes with water to resemble snow and ice. It is extremely slippery to walk on. This product is great for cinematic applications, corporate events and for play areas.

Theater Snow is a shaved plastic product that may be sprinkled over trees, displays or manikins in a shopping mall.

Custom Designs may be created for any type of snow fixture, such as a snow globe, snowman, large Christmas ball decorations or to resemble other snow components.

Snowing Christmas Tree is a patented item that will hit the market in 2019.

We rent Snow machines and supplies to create the ultimate winter special effects display.

Contact Atlanta Special FX to inquire about creating theater snow for indoor displays or for outdoor settings that viewers will love.

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