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Rent a Foam Party Machine for Spring Break

Best Foam Party Machines Foam Machine Party Ideas Rent Foam Party Machine Spring Break Party Ideas

Outdoor activities are ideal when the weather is great. However, some days, it is difficult to think of a way to create an exciting atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Renting a Foam Machine from Atlanta Special FX will solve the problem.


What is a Foam Machine?

A foam machine is a portable unit that can deliver a massive quantity of small or large bubbles within minutes. The unit may be mounted onto a tripod, hung from a beam or connected to another structure.

Buy Double Stack High Stacking Foam Juice ConcentrateDouble Stack Safe-foaming fluid is used to create massive mounds of bubbles via non-toxic and non-allergenic products. Our Foam Machines are enjoyed at daycare centers, churches, schools, summer camps, night clubs, festivals, Spring Break destinations and for a variety of party themes.    

 Who Has the Best Foam Party Machines?


While there are a variety of Foam Machines sold in local party stores, Atlanta Special FX offers some of the best Foam Party Rental Machines for Spring Break.

For more than a decade, we have manufactured a variety of units, such as the Kiddie Foam Monster, the Mini Extreme, the Mini Cannon and the Foam Monster.

Our products are durable and made within the United States. Many of our competitors provide cheap Foam Machines that often clog or malfunction.

Quite often, an event planner will search for a Foam Machine with the lowest cost. Typically, the inexpensive units that are imported from overseas are not as rugged for withstanding usage from raving party animals.

For instance, our Foam Monster is a high-quality unit that is capable of filling up a parking lot within minutes. As a Convertible Foam Machine, the Foam Monster has a detachable cone on the front of the unit. When attached, the cone enables users to shoot out chunks of Foam for up to 30 feet. When the cone is detached, the unit generates a massive amount of Foam that resembles a waterfall.

Atlanta Special FX #1 Selling Foam Party Machine Company

Renting a Foam Machine Online

Many companies require consumers to purchase a Foam Machine. We sell a lot of Foam Machines, but we also support customers who are interested in Renting a Foam Machine.

It makes economical sense in many cases to Rent a Foam Machine for occasional use versus making the upfront investment to buy one of our units.

We manufacture and ship Foam Machines to all 50 states and to 20 countries, as well.

Where to Buy a Foam Machine?

Atlanta Special FX is the place to Buy a Foam Machine that is guaranteed to meet high-performance standards. In fact, we provide a 12-month warranty on all our units. Additionally, we include a submersible pump, GFI and a water hose.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today to inquire about some of the hottest Spring Break ideas or about Special Effects Products for summer fun or end of school parties. 

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