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Goliath Confetti Cannons Featured at Music Midtown Festival Are Available for Rent

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Goliath Confetti Cannon Thirty Seconds To MarsOutdoor music events provide excellent opportunities to unwind and to hear tunes from various artists. Held from September 15th through September 16th, the 2018 Midtown Music festival in Atlanta, GA, featured performances from some of the most recognized names in the industry. Atlanta Special FX was on-sight to provide word class special effects support.

Top Bands Use CO2 Jets and CO2 Confetti Cannons

When a music festival features a lineup with dozens of superstars and iconic band members, fans will be watching to see who uses every opportunity to steal the show. Top bands use CO2 Jets and CO2 Confetti Cannons to amplify their performances via eye-catching visual effects.

At this year’s Music Midtown festival, we provided Special Effects Equipment for Butch Walker, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Imagine Dragons.

Atlanta Special FX maintains an agreement with CO2 Masters to obtain favorable pricing on CO2 Gas for its CO2 Confetti Cannons and for its CO2 Jets. For the above bands and for vendors at the Music Midtown festival, CO2 Gas was exclusively sourced from

New Goliath Ideal Confetti Cannons Were Introduced at the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, GA

To generate gigantic confetti shots, we invented and introduced our newest piece of CO2-powered Special Effects Equipment. Eight of our Goliath Ideal Confetti Cannons provided a huge level of excitement for fans to enjoy.   

Sporting a massive stadium style, our Large CO2 Concert Confetti Cannons are DMX controlled from the front of the house console via our new single channel DMX1 controllers.

Renting CO2 Confetti Cannons   

Owning a gigantic CO2 Confetti Cannon may not be an option for some performers who might prefer to simply rent CO2 Special Effects Equipment, as needed. We offer logistical support services to ship our equipment and CO2 Tanks to areas where entertainers are scheduled to perform.

Our experienced technicians may also be deployed to set up, to operate and to strike specialty equipment for customers who are interested in renting CO2 Confetti Cannons.

CO2 Jets Excite Fans at Music Midtown Festival   

When two or three CO2 Jets are not enough, we are often called to bring enough fire power to support some of the biggest events in the country. For this year’s Music Midtown festival, we provided 10 CO2 Jets to dazzle the fans.

Contact Atlanta Special FX at (888) 664-0097 for information about buying CO2 Jets or about nationwide CO2 Confetti Cannon rentals.

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