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Create Fake Snow for the Holidays With Special Effects Equipment

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Winter images provide a glimpse of beautiful outdoor scenes.Special Effects Equipment and Snow Fluid may be used to bring the ambiance indoors. Atlanta Special FX manufactures fluid that is used create Fake Snow.

Create Fake Snow For The Holidays

Artificial Snow Fluid for the Holidays

Non-corrosive Snow Fluid is a very dry product that evaporates within seconds of contact with any surface. Our Snow Fluid is the same formulation that is used for televised productions, motion pictures and globally-recognized theme parks.

For more than a decade, we have manufactured QES 100. We sell our Quick Evaporating Snow Fluid in one-gallon, three-gallon, five-gallon, 25-gallon, 55-gallon and 275-gallon quantities.

We also sell QES 100 as a concentrated solution that saves our customers money on shipping costs. With a 16 to 1 mixture ratio, a single gallon of our concentrated formula will produce 16 gallons of premixed snow.

Fake Snow for Holiday Decorations

Whether used for Christmas decorations or for creating a winter scene at a holiday performance, our Fake Snow will impress folks of all ages. Our Snow Fluid is made from high-quality ingredients that are used to form brilliant white snowflakes.

Fake Snow is also ideal for corporate events, churches and for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Renting a Snow Machine for the Holidays

Reliable Special Effects Equipment may be used to design a beautiful winter display. However, instead of buying a Snow Machine for seasonal use, it might be more affordable to rent a Snow Machine.       

Our Snow Fluid is engineered to work perfectly with our Silent Snow Storm and our T-500 Snow Machine. Both models are DMX Controlled and available for sale or for rent. Fast shipping options are available for customers who want to purchase Snow Juice or to rent a Snow Machine for the holidays.

Safe Theatrical Fluids for Special Events

We create an assortment of non-toxic Theatrical Fluids that are safe for the environment and safe to use in all professional machines. For more than 10 years, we have manufactured fluids for the creation of Snow, Fog, Foam, Low Fog, Haze and a Cloud Concentrate.

All of the Theatrical Fluids that we sell are manufactured in-house. Our Snow Fluid is ideal for indoor theatrical performances and for Christmas displays.

Contact Atlanta Special Effects today to inquire about Evaporating Snow that is eco-friendly. Our creative team can discuss the benefits of using specific types of Theatrical Fluids for indoor displays or for outdoor events.

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